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Random from Favourites

Some of our all-time favorites artwork is here, under "Favourites"! One feature per artist.

Would you like to see our art contest extended by a week? (to April 6) 

28 deviants said YES, extend it!
9 deviants said I don't care.
4 deviants said NO, end it as scheduled.

Welcome to #Scootalove

Hello! Thanks for visiting. Our group's mission is to spread appreciation for Scootaloo, to feature our members' artwork, and to provide our watchers with a daily dose of Scootaloos. We also occasionally run art contests!

You are welcome to submit your own, or to suggest others' artwork. Just make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • :bulletorange: Submissions should prominently feature Scootaloo.
  • :bulletorange: Submissions that are mocking or cruel towards Scootaloo will not be accepted. That includes most chicken jokes.
  • :bulletorange: No mature content (violence, disturbing imagery, lewdness, drug use, fetishes, etc). Keep it G-rated (or at least PG-rated).
  • :bulletorange: Only upload your own artwork to DeviantART. If you use others' work (such as vectors), please credit the creators. For crafts and anything physical, please only submit things made by you (or especially for you). Don't just submit pictures of common store-bought stuff.
  • :bulletorange: We don't judge submissions on artistic ability/quality, but please refrain from submitting unfinished drawings, PonyCreator images, base recolors, GMod screenshots, and similar low-effort work.
  • :bulletorange: Submissions where Scootaloo is being romantically "shipped" may be rejected.

About the gallery folders:
  • :bulletpurple: Featured is for everything. Submit deviations here, we'll sort them out.
  • :bulletpurple: Simply Scootaloo is for art featuring Scootaloo as the only character.
  • :bulletpurple: Scoots and CMC is for art focusing on Scootaloo and one or more of her fellow Crusaders (Apple Bloom, and/or Sweetie Belle, and/or Babs Seed).
  • :bulletpurple: Scoots and RD is for art focusing on Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash.
  • :bulletpurple: Scoots and Others is for art featuring Scootaloo with any other characters (including OCs).
  • :bulletpurple: Crosssovers and Humans is for all film/TV/game/book/etc cross-overs, anthro and humanized ponies, different species, alternate universes, and anything that's not normally found in Equestria.
  • :bulletpurple: Crafts and Plushies is for figurines, plushies, costumes, accessories, jewelry, confections, etc...
  • :bulletpurple: Fiction is for all fan fiction and poetry featuring Scootaloo as one of the lead characters.
  • :bulletpurple: Scootacomics is for cartoons and comic strips.







UPDATE: By popular demand, the deadline has been extended by one week, to April 6th

Good news, everypony! Scootalove just reached 1000 members (woo!) and is hosting its third art contest! This time the theme is:

"I Guess This Isn't My Special Talent..."

Show Scootaloo and her friends making yet another unsuccessful attempt to discover their special talents. What scheme did they come up with, and what kind of hilarity, fun, and/or destruction did it lead to?

(Full-size poster here)


:bulletpurple: First-place winner will get their choice of either a Nintendo 3DS XL console or a Wacom Intuos Medium pen and touch tablet. In addition, they will receive 12 months of DA Premium Membership.
:bulletpurple: Second-place winner will get a custom pony plush of their choice, crafted by by StarMassacre. See plush examples. They will also receive 3 months of DA Premium Membership.
:bulletpurple: Third-place winner will get any one T-Shirt of their choice from WeLoveFine. They will also receive 3 months of DA Premium Membership.
:bulletpurple: We can ship prizes internationally. Winner will not need to pay any tariffs, sales tax, or shipping. We'll cover it all.


:bulletorange: Submit your artwork by the end of March 30 Monday, April 6th.
:bulletorange: You can submit digital or traditional paintings, drawings, comics, vectors, collages, and animations. Any visual medium, really!
:bulletorange: No style restrictions: ponies can be fillies/teenagers/adults, realistic or cartoony, show-accurate or stylized, four-legged or anthro, etc.
:bulletorange: Artwork must feature Scootaloo. You may (but don't have to) include other characters too.
:bulletorange: Submitted art must be made by you. If any part of your your submission contains other people's work (e.g. vectors, bases, models, traced references...), then you must credit the original artist(s) in the description.
:bulletorange: We cannot accept any artwork that was published before this contest started (March 13th).
:bulletorange: You may submit more than one entry, but you will receive at most one prize.
:bulletorange: No cruel or mature content. Keep it nice and G-rated.

How to enter

:bulletpurple: Go to our "Not My Special Talent Contest" gallery folder
:bulletpurple: Click "Submit To This Folder" and follow instructions.


:bulletorange: The winners will be decided by a vote, judged by: Maddy Peters (voice actress for Scootaloo), a couple Scootastic artists (KP-ShadowSquirrel and atryl), and the moderators of Scootalove and Scootaloo-Love.
:bulletorange: Judges will consider three things:
  1. Does the submission fit the theme?
  2. Is the concept creative and interesting?
  3. How much effort and skill did artist put into their entry?


:bulletpurple: We may accept submissions that are up to 24 hours late but only if you have a very good reason for being late.
:bulletpurple: Winners will need to provide a shipping address to receive their prizes. If you are under the age of 18, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian before sharing your shipping information.
:bulletpurple: Check out the winners of previous contests: Adventure (2014) and Cutie Mark (2013).
:bulletpurple: Thanks to ABronyAccount, sgtgarand, StarMassacre, viwrastupr, and FeelGoodPandemonium for their help and/or feedback.

If you have any other questions or suggestions about the contest, leave a comment here or send us a note!

More Journal Entries

Countdown to end of the current contest:

Monday, April 6th @ 11:00pm

Submissions are: OPEN


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